Advice from Local Aquaculture Officiers

Our Regional Aquaculture Resource Development Officers offer a range of services that can help you adapt your business to the environment.


Licensing for fish farming has become more sophisticated, allowing it to cater for the ever-increasing number of activities taking place on Ireland’s foreshores. We can help you successfully renew your existing licence or get a new licence through:

  • Our team of Regional Aquaculture Resource Development Officers
  • Our network

Grant aid

Get in touch with one of our team of Regional Aquaculture Resource Development Officers if you need information on funding for projects that promote:

  • Knowledge, innovation and technology in aquaculture
  • Sustainable growth of output, value and employment in aquaculture

Group marking of sites (SUMS)

Marking the boundaries of your site is a requirement of your aquaculture licence. We can help if you want those boundaries to be included in a unified marking scheme, which provides a visual guide for those navigating the harbour. These are known as Special Unified Marking Schemes (SUMS).

Our Regional Aquaculture Development Officers can work with you from the initial design of the marking scheme, through to the specification and installation the new marks. They can also give you information on the funding that may be available to help with this work.

Benefits of SUMS:

  • Your site will be marked effectively with highly specified marks
  • Maintenance costs are low as there are fewer marks of a longer lifespan

Read about our work with Oyster Farmers in Dungarvan Harbour to Implement a Unified Marking Scheme.

Catherine Butler 230x180
Catherine Butler
Speak to me about: licencing, grants, CLAMS, marking your site and developing your business.
Location: based in the South West
Mobile: +353 87 2640089
Peter Donlon 230x180.jpg
Peter Donlon
Speak to me about: licencing, CLAMS, grants and developing your business
Location: BIM Office, New Docks Road, Galway
Direct: +353 91 563 104
Mary Hannnan 230x180
Mary Hannan
Speak to me about: licensing, C.L.A.M.S., grants and developing your business, water quality monitoring and shellfish cultivation (native oysters, gigas-pacific oysters, scallops, mussels)
Location: BIM Office Campus, Filling Station Units, Westport Road, Newport, Co. Mayo
Direct: +353 98 41477
Mobile: +353 87 2230602
Brian O'Loan 230x180
Brian O'Loan
Speak to me about: site marks, licencing, grants, CLAMS and developing your business.
Location: based in the South East
Direct: +353 53 9171724
Mobile: +353 87 2626578
Louise Collins 230x180
Louise Collins
Speak to me about: salmon and trout
Location: BIM Office, Killybegs, Co. Donegal
Direct: +353 74 9732604
Mobile: +353 87 4190340