Health and Safety

We will assist you to complete a written Risk Assessment and Policy Statement (Safety Statement) which sets out how safety, health and welfare will be managed onboard your vessel.

Vessels of 15 metres and over:

We have developed an application to enable fishing vessel owners and skippers to complete your own Risk Assessment and create a Safety Statement for your vessel.

This application is available on CD by request, phone 01 2144 100

We will provide instruction on the use of the application and ongoing support.

Fishing vessels of 15 metres and under:

We are developing a risk assessment booklet and guidance document to assist fishing vessels of 15 metres and under, with three or less working onboard to create a safety statement. This service will be available soon.

Why do I need a safety statement?

  • Carrying out a risk assessment helps you to identify any dangers (hazards) in advance and to rate them acording to the level of risk.
  • You can eliminates, or at least minimise the risk of hazzards by putting in place controls, detailed in a written programme - your Safety Statement.
  • A Safety Statement may help meet your vessel's insurance requirements.

FSV application CD

Request a copy of the FVS application on CD to complete your own Risk Assessment by phone: 01 2144 100