Farmed fish quality labelling

Our food quality schemes support the production of world-class farmed seafood and can help you to differentiate your products in the marketplace through eco, organic and quality labelling.

Quality labelled products

Opportunities to command best price and access premium markets rely on your ability to differentiate your product from competing offerings. We can assist you in getting certified, so you can use quality labelling and help your products stand out in their niche.

How can I label my product?

We can work with you to achieve certification through our third-party accredited Quality Assurance Schemes.

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Irish Quality Assured

Available for Salmon, Trout, Arctic Char, Turbot, Perch, Mussels and Oysters.
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Irish Organic Assured

Available for salmon and mussels.
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Irish Eco Assured

Available for salmon, trout and mussels.
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Meet the Team

Vicki Lyons
Vicki Lyons
Speak to me about: our Shellfish Quality Schemes, oyster and mussel quality
Direct: +353 1 2144134
Mobile: +353 87 9156271
Vera Heffernan
Vera Heffernan
Speak to me about: our Finfish Quality Schemes, salmon and trout quality
Direct: +353 1 2144193
Mobile: +353 87 4190114

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