Increasing processing capability

Our process capability services are designed to assist seafood processors to set up food safety systems and comply with food safety laws, certification programme standards and best practice recommendations.

Food safety

We can help your company implement a food safety management system that incorporates the Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point (HACCP) system. As part of this process:

  • We can assist you in obtaining your approval number from the Sea Fisheries Protection Authority (SFPA)
  • Our Food Safety Management System (FSMS) workbook will guide you through your implementation of HACCP
  • You can avail of training in seafood hygiene and HACCP
  • You can take advantage of BIM’s ongoing advice and assistance
  • Be informed by our information notes on topical issues:

Information Note - Histamine in Seafoods (pdf 66Kb) 

Information Note - Cleaning and Disinfecting in Seafood Processing (pdf 64Kb) 

Information Note - Listeria monocytogenes in Seafood Processing (pdf 111Kb) 

Information Note - Hygiene Requirements when handling Seafood (pdf 91Kb) 

Information Note - Shelf Life requirements for seafood processors (pdf 70Kb) 

Information Note - Parasitic worms in fish (pdf 61Kb) 

For more information contact our food safety team at

Processing Capability Start Programme

This programme is aimed at assisting both start-up seafood processors and existing processors. The programme shows processors how to comply with best practice and legal obligations in bringing safe seafood to the market.

BIM can also help processing company with:

  • Implementing food safety management systems
  • Advice on plant layout
  • Guidance on legislative requirements
  • Information workshops on topics such as labelling, packaging and traceability

For further details, read the Processing Capability Start Programme (pdf 51Kb)  or contact Carol Rafferty at

Processing Capability Advanced Programme

The Advanced Programme is aimed at seafood processing companies that have the capacity and potential to develop export markets.

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) certification program sets a number of internationally recognised product safety and quality standards. Most UK and European retailers require suppliers to have BRC certification, so this is a necessary step towards establishing new relationships overseas.

BIM will assist your company in preparing for BRC certification through:

  • Food safety health checks
  • Pre-BRC audit
  • Drafting your BRC manual
  • Site visits and ongoing mentoring

For further details, read the Processing Capability advanced Programme (pdf 50Kb)   or contact Sandra Hennessey at