Technology Services for Fishermen

We provide a range of services to fishermen to assist the wild fisheries sector fish more effectively, profitably and responsibly. We work directly with the sector to develop gear modifications and other technical conservation measure that minimise unwanted catches of juvenile or over quota fish, protected species such as dolphins or seals, as well as the broader environmental impacts of fishing.

Environmentally friendly fishing methods & gear selectivity services

Our technology experts work with the sector to develop, test and monitor environmentally friendly fishing gear that minimises the bycatch of discards (unwanted or juvenile fish) and improve the slectivity of fishing gear. Our continual development of these new technologies helps address the EU’s long term management plans for fisheries and EU and Irish legislation on protected marine species.

Our work includes:

  • Development and testing of a range of measures comprising an increase in cod-end mesh size, customised rigid sorting grids and square mesh cod-ends to improve Nephrops selectivity.
  • Assessment of measures including a 300 mm square mesh panel, rigid sorting grids and the SELTRA panel to reduce unwanted fish catches from Nephrops trawls.
  • Assessment of T90 mesh and other measures to improve selectivity of species such as whiting in mixed demersal whitefish fisheries.
  • Read our reports on these issues at our-publications/fisheries/

Protected species monitoring and mitigation Service

In compliance with regulations that recognising the importance of preventing the accidental capture in fishing gear of endangered, threatened or protected species (cetaceans, seabirds, seals, elasmobranches etc), we implement observer programmes and encourage fishing vessels to adopt measures which reduce the likelihood of catching these species.

Learn about our work Monitoring Interactions between Irish Fisheries and Protected Species

Fuel efficiency services

Fuel is a major cost items that impacts on the profitability of fishing. Learn about fuel efficiency methods in our User Friendly Guide. (pdf 5,899Kb) 

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Dr. Ronán Cosgrove
Speak to me about: Technical solutions to reduce unwanted catches and the landing obligation
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Daragh Browne
Speak to me about: fishing gear selectivity and technical conservation measures
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Martin Oliver
Speak to me about: fishing gear selectivity, bycatch reduction devices and local fisheries issues
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Dr Matthew McHugh
Speak to me about: gear technology and broader environmental impacts of fishing
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