Food Heroes Project

BIM is working with industry to address the food waste challenge through the Food Heroes Project.

Project Aim

The Food Heroes Project aims to reduce food waste with a focus on creating added value through the development of innovative products, services and processes.

How does the project work?

The Food Heroes project embraces a co-creative approach in which designers, technologists and food professionals are working together to help keep food by-product in the human food chain.

The project involves collaboration between participants across North West Europe. On a national level, BIM is working in conjunction with the Clean Technology Centre at Cork Institute of Technology.

Our Methods

We are working with the seafood processing sector to improve the sustainability of the whitefish and salmon resources through:

  • the recovery of meat from carcasses after filleting and
  • identifying uses for other under-utilized parts of the fish.

Work to date

Following an initial meeting in March 2018 BIM are developing a number of project ideas with industry.

How can I get involved?

Contact our team if you have an innovative idea to reduce waste in the processing of whitefish or salmon.

Sandra Hennessy 01-2144113
Vincent Ryan 01-2144110
Rebecca Doyle 01-2144236

Next Steps

A Food Heroes award ceremony will take place in Rennes in 2019 to acknowledge “Food Heroes” who have been tackling food waste in the seafood industry in North West Europe.  BIM are encouraging nominations among Irish seafood processors.

Learn about the awards at

Contact Us

Sandra Hennessy
Direct: 01-2144113

Vincent Ryan
Direct: 01-2144110

Rebecca Doyle
Direct: 01-2144236

Project Information

The Food Heroes project is funded through the Interreg North West Europe Programme and is due to run until 2020.

Visit the Food Heroes site

Learn about the awards at