How much is 10% of fleet fuel transport costs worth to your company?

Fuel consumption is one of the largest expenses for seafood companies running a transport fleet and is the largest emitter of CO2.

Working with a select number of seafood companies BIM carried out a trial project aimed at reducing transport fuel usage.

Initial findings

Green programme Transport Initial Findings

Action plan

An action plan was drawn up including:

  1. Measure baseline fuel performance per driver (litres/100km)
  2. Review driver performance weekly
  3. Provide drivers with feedback on performance
  4. Eco-driving training
  5. Update vehicle checklist to include fuel saving initiatives
  6. Review fleet procurement and maintenance procedures.


Graph demonstration fuel usage

Under test conditions Eco-driver training improved performance by 32% on average
a figure expected to level out at 8% under real-world conditions.


  • A 10% saving on fuel usage is easily achieved when fuel management is properly resourced and all action items are implemented including Eco-drive training.

This is in line with other sectors where savings exceeding 10% were evident when a fuel management plan was put in place.

Read the Green Business Programme Fleet Fuel Transport Costs Case Study (pdf 1,909Kb) 

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