Island Seafood Ltd. makes giant steps towards reducing their caron footprint saving €32,000 per annum

Island Seafoods demonstrates how the seafood sector can progress towards a better and greener way of working.

Island Seafoods Ltd. has a history of continuous improvment to efficiencies at their plant through:

  • updates to the company’s operations and
  • reducing their energy and water requirements.

Financial Benefits to Date

  • Cost Savings: €32,000 / Annum
  • Investment: €86,000
  • Payback: 2.5 Years

Environmental Benefits to Date

  • CO2 reduced - 137.5 Tonnes p.a.

Going Forward

As part of its work towards a Sustainability Charter for Bord Bia’s Origin Green Programme, Island Seafoods is currently working with GreenBusiness to further reduce their environmental impact through:

  • Further reducing electrical demand in the blast freezers and chillers by switching from metal halide lights to LEDs
  • Reducing water use through improved cleaning practices
  • Designing a heat recovery system which will take waste heat from the current refrigeration system and preheat water for use throughout the site.

With a vision of sustainability now ingrained within the business, Island Seafoods demonstrates how this important indigenous sector can progress towards a Clean, Green and Sustainable Sector.

Read the Island Seafoods Case Study (pdf 754Kb) 

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