Shellfish Ireland makes improvements of up to 10% in efficiency, saving over 10,200 litres of diesel fuel annually

Our latest work with Shellfish Ireland involved an extensive site assessment by the Green Seafood Programme team.

During the visit:

  • A number of key improvement areas were identified relating to energy (electric and thermal) and water use on site and
  • An environmental improvement plan was put in place based on this assessment.

Improvements to date

A diesel fired steam boiler used in the production process was prioritised for investigation as it was a significant energy user.

Graph depicting savings made by Shellfish Ireland

Improvements of up to 10% in efficiency were reached
saving over 10,200 litres of diesel fuel annually.

Going Forward

A number of key projects are underway at Shellfish Ireland including:

  • The installation of an online electricity monitoring and targeting system to identify key electrical loads and allow the company to focus on the high energy users throughout the site.
  • An analysis of the effect of upgrading the existing refrigeration plant to a more energy efficient system. It is hoped this will be completed in the near future.
  • Research into the potential for reduced water consumption by reusing water from the production process with expected savings of up to 30% on current water use.

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