BIM is currently supporting three fishing ports to establish 'Fishing for Litter' initiatives

The ‘Fishing for Litter’ initiative simply encourages fishermen to take ashore the litter they encounter at sea while fishing. 24 trawlers in three ports – Clogherhead, Castletownbere and Union Hall are currently taking part in the pilot initiative.

Project Aim

To reduce plastic in the ocean as it threatens sea life and marine habitats. It is estimated that 80% of waste at sea is plastic.

Our Methods

  • BIM provides vessels with large heavy duty bags to collect marine litter caught in their nets
  • When full, these bags are deposited safely on the quayside where BIM works with port authorities to organise appropriate disposal of the material.

Fishermen unloading the full bags at the quayside

When full, the bags are deposited on the quayside

Alan Smith, skipper of the Celtic Warrior, explains his participating on the Scheme. The Clogherhead vessel, is currently fishing in the Irish Sea.

‘We have the Fishing for Litter bag set near the conveyor and it’s easy for the crew to pick out the marine litter and throw it in the bag as they pick out the catch. We work with the Clogherhead Development Group in keeping the pier tidy and are happy to do our part, keeping not only the sea, but our fishing grounds clean and healthy'.

The local Clogherhead Razor Fishery fleet are also taking part in the BIM scheme.

Going forward

BIM aims to build on this pilot initiative to 50 vessels. The scheme is aready active and highly successful in the UK and Scotland and underpins EU legislation supporting the protection and sustainable use of the marine environment (Marine Strategy Framework Directive).

Fishermen working out of Clogherhead , Union Hall and Castletownbere wishing to join the pilot scheme should contact Catherine Barrett , BIM Project Officer on or 087  2897651.

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