New species, new opportunities

BIM aims to diversify Ireland’s aquaculture production base with new and exciting species. Our development plans are always market led and when deciding which species to farm, we choose those with the greatest potential for profitable production.


Project aim

Our aim is to identify species that that have the potential to be farmed successfully in Ireland. Our efforts have focused in on some surprisingly ordinary fish species, like perch, and some extraordinary shellfish species, such as the abalone.

Once species have been identified, we help new and existing companies to set up farms for production.


Our methods

Once we have established that there is a market demand for the identified species we:

  • help our clients develop a business plan
  • look at the technology for growing the species
  • assist our clients to apply for planning permission and licences to build fish farms

Some of our new opportunity species:


Perch, considered a delicacy, is a native freshwater fish found in Ireland’s lakes and rivers. We are now growing it to market size in just nine months.

Perch fact file

Scientific name: Perca fluviatilis
Markets: Central Alpine Europe
Market status: Under supplied
Irish farms: 3
Technology: Closed freshwater recirculation system







 A juvenile perch


Abalone, also considered a delicacy, is not native to Ireland but has been bred in Ireland for the last 20 years in closed recirculation systems. With relatively slow growth rates, this marine gastropod takes three years to reach market size.

Abalone fact file

Scientific name: Haliotis tuberculata/Haliotis discus hannai
Markets: London, Paris, Madrid
Market status: Under supplied
Irish farms: 2
Technology: Closed marine recirculation system

Abalone zoom

Abalone attached to plate at grow-out farm


Seeing the benefits

To date, we have assisted the establishment of three perch farms and two abalone farms that are working towards commercial production.

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