Covid-19 Temporary Fleet Tie-up Scheme

About the Scheme

The purpose of this scheme is to reduce the volume of seafood entering the market which has been depressed by the Covid-19 Pandemic, while at the same time keeping an adequate number of vessels fishing to maintain a food supply. The scheme will contribute to the fixed costs incurred by fishing vessels while tied-up. The Scheme will be reviewed at the end of each month and the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine reserves the right to terminate the Scheme at any time.

A maximum of two thirds (66%) of the number of vessels in each of eight vessel length categories will be approved for support for any particular one-month period, ensuring that some vessels are always available to fish and continue to supply the market. 

Grant aid is available to owners of Irish Sea-fishing boats as listed on the Irish Fleet Register that meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Licensed in the Polyvalent, Beam Trawl or Specific segment of the Irish sea-fishing fleet;
  • Which have carried out fishing activities at sea for at least 120 days in total over the calendar years 2018 and 2019, and
  • Which have made total to a minimum value of €5,000 in the calendar year 2019, by reference to the Irish Sales Note System administered by the Sea Fisheries Protection Authority. (SFPA). Sales recorded outside of this system will not be taken into consideration in meeting this criterion.

Please note:

  • In relation to days at sea, for all vessels under 10m a self-declaration will be accepted. For all vessels >10m, the number of days fished will be confirmed by BIM with the SFPA prior to issuing a letter of offer. Where a vessel has been registered in the Irish Register of Sea-fishing boats for less than two years at the date of application, BIM will calculate the minimum number of days of fishing activities in the calendar years 2018/19 required, as a proportion of the 120 days normally required.
  • Sales notes requirements will be confirmed by BIM with the SFPA prior to issuing a letter of offer.

Available Grant Aid

The scheme will be offered to a maximum of 66% of vessels in each length category each month, for the three months June, July and August. A sea-fishing boat licence holder may only avail of the scheme for a maximum of two months. 

Grant aid will be given at a 100% grant rate for all fishing vessels.

Size of vessel

Payment for

1-month tie-up period

Payment for

2-month tie-up period

Number of Vessels on the Irish Fleet Register @

 8 May 2020

Max no. Boats allowed aid in a given month (66%)






6 < 8m





8 < 10m





10 < 12m





12 < 15m





15 < 18m





18 < 24m





> 24m






  • To complete the application form you will need a copy of your Sea-Fishing Boat Licence, your nominated bank details and the Tax Reference and Tax Clearance Access Numbers for the owner(s) of the vessel being tied up
  • You will be required to surrender your Sea-Fishing Boat Licence to BIM for the tie-up period. For details on how to surrender your licence, Click here (pdf 465Kb)
  • Please keep note of your BIM Grants Portal password. You will need this to log back into the system to accept your letter of offer
  • Once you have accepted your letter of offer, you will not be required to submit a claim form. Grant aid will be transferred into your nominated bank account once you have surrendered your licence, have met all tax clearance requirements and the SFPA has confirmed that your vessel was not found to be engaged in fishing during the tie-up period

Key Dates

Status: Open

Due Date: 5pm, Wednesday, Friday, 19 June 2020 for July Tie-Up Period

Next Call: -

Scheme Terms and Conditions

How to Apply

Apply online at

Contact Details

Download a copy of the Contact Details and Provisional Drop-off and Collection Points (pdf 465Kb)  for the COVID-19 Temporary Tie-Up Scheme.