Inshore Fisheries Conservation Scheme - V-Notching Support

Apply for grant funding to further improve the sustainability of Ireland's lobster stocks.

Who’s eligible?

Owners/Operator of Irish registered fishing vessels less than 15 metres in length.

  • The lobster v-notching component of the scheme provides for grant aid to approved groups (and in exceptional cases individuals) to implement local lobster v-notching programmes.

What’s funded?

  • V-Notching Lobster

Amounts granted

Two levels of grant aid will be offered to individual or group applications for:

 Solely vessels 12m or less and using non-towed gear

  • Individual applications – 70%
  • Group applications – 75%

In certain circumstances, agreed in advance with the managing authority, these rates may be increased to a maximum of 80%.

Vessels greater than 12m and less than 15m

  • Individual applications – 40%
  • Group applications – 60%

How to apply

  1. Download the V-Notching Scheme Application Form (pdf 1,261Kb) 
  2. Launch the form from your computer location and complete the form saving the changes
    Once you have the form, you’ll need to:
    • Carefully review the terms and conditions
    • Ensure you have sent us your vessels annual economic data
    • Check you have included all the documentation required
  3. Send your completed application to:BIM Fisheries Development Division, Crofton Rd., Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin.

How long does the process take?

Applicants are notified within 2 weeks.

Key dates

Open call, assessed monthly

Application Form

Download the V-Notching Scheme Application Form (pdf 1,261Kb) 

Contact us

To learn more about this grant, contact:

Caroline Curraoin
Direct: +353 1 2144148

Economic Data Collection

Learn about the
 to be completed for your vessel