Knowledge Gateway Scheme

Apply for funding for projects that promote knowledge, innovation and technology in the aquaculture sector.

Who’s eligible?

This Scheme is open to open to both the public sector and to the aquaculture industry.

What’s funded?

Three types of project are eligible for funding:

Project Type 1: Innovation

Knowledge, Innovation and Technology. Working with technical and research institutions to develop innovative products and investment in innovative technology and trialling such technology under commercial conditions to improve performance and competitiveness whilst also assisting measures to improve long term environmental sustainability. These projects may concern for example; the development of new types of structures for farming; research into new types of aquaculture such as aquaponics, recirculation systems, multitrophic aquaculture. 

This type of project must be carried out in partnership with a research or technical institution.

Projects Type 2: Animal Welfare & Disease Management

Developing new and innovative methods for ensuring animal welfare and disease management in the sector whilst ensuring that these techniques or treatments conform with principles of organic management where necessary.

Projects Type 3: Advisory Services

Business, Planning and Environmental Advisory Services: The provision of management and advisory services for aquaculture farms in order to improve performance and competitiveness and to reduce the environmental impact of operations.

Amounts granted

Grant aid is available at the following rates:

Open the form from your computer and complete the form saving the changes

Project Category Maximum support rate Maximum Support amount pa
1. Industry Projects 50% €200,000
2. Collective Projects 75% €500,000
3. Public Projects 100% €500,000

How to apply

  1. Save the Knowledge Gateway Aquaculture Scheme Brochure and Application Form (pdf 2,809Kb) 
  2. Open the form from your computer and complete the form saving the changes
  3. The completed application form should be:

Aquaculture Project Section
BIM Aquaculture Development Division,
Crofton Road,
Dun Laoghaire,
Co. Dublin.

How long does the process take?

Receipt of completed application will be acknowledged within two weeks.

General Criteria

  • Projects must be consistent with EMFF Operational Programme 2014-2020 and the National Strategic Plan forAquaculture
  • A body or individual applying for grant aid must demonstrate that, in addition to any grant assistance sought, they have the financial, human and technical resources required to successfully implement the investment programme
  • Applications must be submitted to an implementing agency and acknowledged by an implementing agency before any payments are made to suppliers
  • Must have a current tax clearance certificate
  • Must comply with conditions of the letter of offer.

 For full details of grant criteria check your application form.

Key Dates

Status: Open at 12.00pm on 14 January 2016

NOTE: Biotoxin Harvest Suspension Project application is closed

Application Form

Contact Us

To learn more about this grant, contact:

Catherine Morrison
Direct: +353 1 2144118