Recovering disc tags used to monitor skates and rays

Return fish tags containing the text to BIM and receive €20 for assisting us in our fish monitoring work.

Project aim: Assess how skates and rays survive after release from fishing gear

  • Download the Fish Tag Return Form (pdf 76Kb)  
  • Claim your €20 reward by sending the completed form and tag to BIM's Galway Office, New Docks Road, Galway

Disc tag containing the text  

Observers tag and release non-quota skate species such
as common and white skate.

Our methods: How we monitor skates and rays

  • We use the conventional Peterson disc to tag non-quota skates and rays captured in Irish fisheries
  • The tagged fish are then released
  • On recapture we encourage the return of tags by offering a €20 reward
  • Returned tags are accompanied by a description of the fish such as species, size, sex, condition and information on the capture 
  • This data helps us to assess the long term survivability of released skates and rays

Future Plans: Further monitoring

Going forward we plan to tag 200 common skate and other elasmobranch species in a range of fisheries.


Tag Return Form

Download the Fish Tag Return Form (pdf 76Kb) 

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To learn more about this project contact our technical team:
Direct: +353 91 56389