Retail Development Programme

We provide a range of programmes to assist you to grow and develop your retail business.

BIM Young Fishmonger Competition

BIM are evolving a range of supports for you our retail clients. As part of this evolution BIM will no longer be continuing with the Young Fishmonger Competition in its current format. May we thank you for your passion and support for the competition over the past five years. We look forward to working with you to grow your seafood business through our new services.



New Fishmonger Training Programme

BIM’s Fishmonger Training Programme provides the essential knowledge and skills required to work competently in a seafood retailing business and develop technical fish filleting skills. 

Delivered over seven days between September and November 2018 this new programme involves demonstrations, practical sessions and classroom learning.

View the programme schedule in the Fishmonger Training Programme Leaflet (pdf 697Kb) 

For more information contact Lorraine O'Byrne on (01) 2144185 / or Eileen Soraghan on (01)


Retail Development 

Our retail development programme is designed to grow seafood retail business and ensure best practice is followed by outlets nationwide.

To discuss our programme contact Lorraine O'Byrne on (01) 2144185 or email


Educational Workshops

We provide educational workshops on a wide range of relevant topics.

  • Seafood business planning
  • Food safety management systems
  • Introduction to fish handling and filleting techniques and quality assessment
  • Maximising the potential of the seafood counter
  • Cold chain management and labelling


Food Safety Management Programme

We will assist your retail company to implement a Food Safety Management System to ensure your seafood offering meets the highest standards of food safety and hygiene.

BIM works with each company on an individual basis providing:

  • On-site mentoring on food safety and hygiene issues
  • Food safety training - learn about the training
  • An interactive food safety workbook.

To learn more about the programme contact Eileen Soraghan on (01) 2144112 or email


Our publications to assist retailers

Lorraine O'Byrne
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John Hackett
Speak to me about: developing your business in the south west region and seafood retail development and advice
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Eileen Soraghan
Eileen Soraghan
Speak to me about: food safety training, seafood quality, HACCP and labelling
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Ian Mannix
Ian Mannix
Speak to me about: business planning advice in the East, brand development and the Seafood Programme
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