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European Maritime, Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund

The European Maritime, Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund (EMFAF) 2021-2027 is the primary funding programme for the seafood sector. It is co-funded by the Government of Ireland and the EU. 

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Temporary Transition Period for Submission of Appeals on The Repayment of Unamortised Grants When a Vessel is Being Sold

If a vessel that has received been in receipt of grant aid from BIM, is to be removed from the Community or National Fishing Vessel Register during the 5-year control period, for the purpose of sale, then the grant must be repaid. The amount of grant repayable will be determined pro-rata temporis (monthly) from the date of removal of the vessel from the register. For example if a vessel received a grant of €10,000 two years ago into the five year control period and is to be sold. Then the amount to be repaid is €6000.

 BIM does not generally allow for the transfer of grant aid liability to a new owner via grant guarantee / liability transfer. However in the case of a vessel that is being sold but is to remain on the Community and National Fleet Register a temporary window allowing appeals to be submitted on this basis, has been put in place up until 31st July 2022. Appeals received or sales that are scheduled to be closed after this date will not be accepted. The process is not retrospective and does not apply to cases where the vessel has already been sold and where the unamortised grant has been repaid.

Where the buyer of the vessel is not agreeable to taking on the grant liability or where the full list of equipment is not confirmed to be on-board the vessel or where there is an element of doubt in relation to any of the grant aided equipment then BIM will insist on the full unamortised amount of the grant aid being repaid.

If you require further clarification please contact your grant administrator at BIM.