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BIM’s Seafood Innovation Hub BIM’s Seafood Innovation Hub

The overall aim of BIM’s Seafood Innovation Hub is to drive commercial growth across the sector in the quickest and most efficient way possible.  The rationale for BIM to take a leadership role in implementing the Seafood Innovation Hub is in accordance with OECD findings that some SMES have neither the scale, expertise, capability or resources to innovate internally, so if the sector is supported in the area of innovation, that it will drive the Seafood sectors competitiveness internationally. 

The Seafood Innovation Hub, applies an Innovation design process to provide seafood specific supports that can add-value, by facilitating discussions on technical Feasibility, market Desirability and commercial Viability, interpreting findings and arriving at an action plan through a business specific case.


For these reasons BIM have a specific purpose Innovation Framework with the that has been fully validated in the foundation for empowering the sector with innovative design led thinking utilising appropriate innovation tools.

The innovation cycle is a continuous iterative process, and it implies several loops. Such feedback loops mainly refer to incorporating feedback from designers, engineer community and users. Activities such as incorporating feedback and exploring market opportunities take place in parallel with other key steps of the innovation cycle e.g., research, prototyping, industrial demonstration etc. An in-depth understanding of how BIM approaches innovation is available through the ‘BIM Innovation Guidebook’

BIM through the Seafood Innovation Process can support you to further develop a deeper understanding and clarity on your idea to enable you make a commercial business decision. Talk to your BIM representative to kick start your business idea in a confidentially and in confidence.

The Seafood Innovation Hub has developed several industry relevant Innovative projects to further support innovation within the sector, including;

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